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So many books, so little time.  ― Frank Zappa


In an era where everyone wants everything easy and quick. Books have become the landline phones in the age of smartphones. The reason behind that is books demand time and patience to read and understand them. But the thing with our generation is that they either don’t have enough time to read them or are just too lazy to read anything that’s not on their screen. But everyone can agree to the fact that a book is far more than credible source of information compared to an article written by any Tom, Dick and Harry having no knowledge regarding the subject whatsoever. This is the idea behind WILFThis, here at WILFThis we try to summarize a book in the form of an article. We read these books and try to review and summarize these books for you. So that you don’t have to spend hours reading a particular book. We make the information given in the book so precise that you will get the knowledge from that book in a few minutes. Our mission is to make information accessible and quick to gather for everyone.


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